Friday, March 8, 2013

Whatever Mavenn wants...


We met Mavenn soon after we returned to Second Life in 2012, after a few years away. We came by her through a mutual friend, Conte Alchemi, at the time an estate manager at the sim where we had a small island, Mezza Luna, where we settled in and reconnected. Both are amazing people and we spent time together, visiting, keeping in touch, and soon enough, Birdland was coming back and we started talking Jazz and Live Music and "Hey, Mavenn is singing at this beach venue!" and "Whaa...? Mavenn sings?!" Oh, yes. Mavenn sings.

A talent unmatched

After that first hearing at the beach club, I immediately asked her to sing at the Bird's Grand (re)Opening, and she graciously accepted, but by then the dates were not clear yet and we ended up setting Birdland's come back weekend just when Mavenn was moving in RL. So she never did get to sing at the Grand, but... I was determined to get her, so I let her settle in her new Real Life and as soon as she could perform again, I did. And was I ever right about something!...

 Time slipping away like sand through our fingers

Mavenn is one of those rare talents that is so natural, so part of who she is, that being amazing on stage to her is like breathing... To her it comes with no effort and she is always a bit surprised by the audience reaction as they burst into applause, filling the screen with "Brava!", "Awesome!", "Applauses!" and such... To her it was just another song she sang but to us it was yet another unforgettable, precious moment. Yesterday, at Birdland, like every Thursday at 7 pm SLT, Mavenn stepped on our stage and her Jazz made time disappear, sucked by her beautiful voice, her awe inspiring talent and the quality of her musical selection. But she will be back, next week, and the one after, and we will again be drawn into the magical swirl of her voice and once more time will fly away like it never was... But it was. And it will be. Again.

... Mavenn gets.

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