The Club

Birdland is a romantic venue, designed for couple dancing and well spent moments with friends. Jazz, in particular Vocal Jazz, Swing and the Great American Songbook are the mainstay of the club's music, with incursions to exotic rhythms like Bossa Nova, Samba or Chanson Fran├žaise.
It was designed for Sunset and Midnight settings, depending on where you are in the venue.

The main building houses 3 general and 1 exclusive patron areas, 1 performer area and 1 management area. Between the Landing Zone (LZ) and the main entrance is located a guest dressing room.
There are also 5 public access areas with Dances Pillars, a staff dressing room and a retractable Sea Stage.

Main Building Club Areas

1. Main Dance Floor - General Access
The Main Dance Floor covers the distance between the main entrance and the Sea Deck and the Main Stage and the Dinner Deck. Dances Pillars are located on the West and North sides. The Main Dance Floor looks it's best at Midnight, but it can also be interesting at Sunset.

2. Dinner Deck - General Access
The Dinner Deck extends throughout all the Bird's West waterfront and it's the best place to enjoy the Sunset. It's a meeting and conversation area, with a relaxing atmosphere.
A perfect spot for watching the Main Stage if one is alone or just wants to watch and not dance.

3. Sea Deck - General Access
The Sea Deck covers the North waterfront and it is as a secondary Dance Floor, although preferred by some to the Main Floor. It works as well in Sunset as in Midnight. It is also the place where the Sea Deck Bar is located. The Bar is a perfect waiting place or just chill out space; there is a barman tip jar inside the counter. A Dances Pillar is placed facing North on the South side of the Sea Deck.

4. Private Dinning Room and Lounge - Birdland Friends ONLY
The Private Dinning Room and Lounge is located inside the Bird's tower, on the 3rd floor. Access is by Teleporter. The Teleporters to the 3rd floor are only activated if the Birdland's Friend group tag (Patrons Group) is on. The teleporters are located by the side of the tower, right side of the main entrance, and by the Dinner Deck, on the edge of the Main Dance Floor, facing the Main Stage. A Dances Pillar is present and the teleporter down to the Sea Deck is on the center of the West wall, below the window pannel.

5. Main Stage - Artists Only (during shows)
The Main Stage is located on the first floor of the tower and it faces the Main Dance Floor on its Eastern edge. The curtain is always down but for live performances and there is a small half moon part of it that sticks out of the curtain and allows DJ's a working platform. The tall piano and microphones that usually sit on the half moon may be placed inside the curtain during Live DJ sessions.

6. Management Office - Staff only
The Management Office is located on the 2nd floor of the tower and it is off limits to all but the staff. It is accessed by teleporters placed on both sides of the tower.

7. Sea Stage - Artists and Staff only
The Sea Stage is a retractable structure that is placed over the water by the North waterfront, facing the Sea Deck, that is in its turn converted into an audience area with chairs, depending on the type of performance.
Usually, this stage is reserved for Showgirls & Burlesque, the venue's resident dance company.

Other Public Spaces

1. Guest Dressing Room
For those who come unprepared, a dressing room is provided to change into formal attire. It is located between the LZ and the main entrance. This dressing room is not used by staff.

2. Marina
A private pier, but open to the public, located on the SW corner of the parcel. Beautiful view of the Bird at Midnight. Dances accessible.

3. Belvedere
The ideal place to watch the Sunset, located on the West waterfront, between the Marina and the Bird. From it, Sunset Boulevard extends to the East. Dances accessible.

4. Coconut Beach
Coconut Beach is located on the NE corner of the parcel, to the East of the Sea Deck. Dances accessible.

5. Mangrove Creek
Mangrove Creek is behind the Bird's tower and it's spring is located to the South, near Hummingbird Station (a private building). The right bank, ironically called Rive Gauche, is private from the Daisies Garden, just South of Coconut Beach, down South to the SE corner of the parcel. The left bank, near the Bird, is public, including Lovers Bridge, the connection between the Bird and Coconut Beach.

6. Sunset Boulevard
For those strolling the public areas and walkways in the private areas, Sunset Boulevard connects the East side of the parcel to the West waterfront, ending on the Belvedere, just past the LZ. It is mainly the go between the Club and the owners residence, Waterfall House (a private building), but all are welcome to stroll, rest or even dance along it.
As the name indicates, best in Sunset Mode, but also lovely at Midnight, by the waterfall.

Note: All landings are centralized on the parcel's unique LZ, to the South of the main entrance.

Private Spaces


Restricted access controlled by Security Scripts that allow unaware strollers to leave within 30 seconds. Intruders will be teleported to their home point if persistent.

Note: Plenty of walkways are provided between the private spots to allow strollers to walk freely.

1. Waterfall House
Located on the South side of the parcel, it is the owners residence.

2. Hummingbird Station
An abandoned Dharma Station converted to a new use, located on the SE corner of the parcel.

3. Daisies Garden
The owners family meeting and relaxing place, located just South of Coconut Beach.

All the buildings in this parcel have been designed and built by Alma Fushikizoh.

Alma Fushikizoh, August 19, 2012