The Performers

The main difference between the 2007/2008 and the 2012/2013 Birdland is the attempt to bring regular live singers to our stage, as well as some unique performances by some of SL's most talented Jazz voices.

Here are our artists...

JC Farstrider, aka Killer Joe Cool, plays his Sax @ Birdland every Tuesday at 4 pm SLT.
A talented sax player, Joe Cool lives up to the legacy of instrumental Jazz and his renditions of all time classics, from Coltrane to The Bird, together with his interpretations of classics from any given part of the musical spectrum makes each performance a true Jazz delight.

More on JC Strider

DJ Goat Ebbage plays Vintage Jazz @ the Bird every Monday at 7 pm SLT.
A fairly new Jazz DJ, Goat creates a unique niche for Jazz lovers, finding the songs
that make his playlist in the 20's and 30's, with an occasional Modern Age twist.

More on Goat


Professor Showbiz brings his talent as an entertainer to Birdland,
singing regularly every Friday at 7 pm SLT.
His unique sense of humor and true dialogue with the audience make
his shows a unique and remarkable experience, rare in Second Life.

More on the Professor

Dilah Halostar joined our family of performing artists on November 5, 2012, and brought her talent to our stage every Monday at 8 pm, until her final performance as a regular Bird Singer on March 4, 2013.
A singer as well as a piano player, she began piano lessons at age 7,
Dilah's performances are unique, warm and passionate.
You will find her in many SL venues and, eventually, back at Birdland. Our stage is yours.

More on Dilah

Anna is a mix genius and an underground trance bird.
She has been a DJ in the obscure world of SL trance underground
and never committed to any public venue. Until now.
Another Birdland exclusive, you won't see her spin anywhere else!
Anna's Misfit DJ sessions mixing Deep House and Jazz are every Sunday at 11 am.

More on Anna

Mavenn is an accomplished Jazz singer and her voice will at last delight us at Birdland.
A dear friend from our early days in SL this time around, we have finally secured her regular
appearance on our stage, every Thursday at 7 pm.

More on Mavenn

Jackie Lefko is a true Jazz singer. Jazz is in her bones and in her blood and soul.
Listening to her renditions of Jazz and Blues standards of yesterday and today is a true delight.
We are so glad to have her as a resident singer. Jackie is on stage Tuesdays at 7 pm SLT.

More on Jackie Lefko

Kitty is a well known singer and musician in SL. We are proud to count her among our regular
artists, every Friday at 8 pm. Her renditions of Jazz, Broadway and Blues are always punctuated
by her trumpet and her musical talent as a composer is displayed at most of her shows.

More on Kitty Zeddmore (soon)

Tamra Hayden (Tamra Sands in world) was the first live artist to sing at the Bird, on the Grand reOpening weekend. This talented artist brought life to our stage and inaugurated Birdland's second life in Second Life.

Harry Frychester is one of Second Life's smoothest Jazz voices and we are proud to have in on stage.
With your support, we will have him regularly at the Bird.

Pippa Exonar is a talented singer and entertainer, her sessions always fun and enchanting.
A perfect fit for Birdland, we hope to keep her as a regular artist, with your support.

Amereck Arabello was Birdland's first regular artist with performances every Saturday at 5 pm SLT.
A wonderful singer and entertainer, we are proud to have had him on stage and watch him bloom.
Due to his Real Life, he is on leave now, but hopefully we will get him back soon!

Phil Setner brings his Scottish charm into every performance and we were honored to have him on stage during the Grand reOpening weekend. We look forward to having him again!

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