Welcome to Birdland!

So you like Jazz and Live Music in SL?
We have a place for you in our family!

One time position offer:

The Bird needs a GM to take charge of all matters related to the club, acting as the owner's right hand, managing day to day club business from logistics to staff to artists and patrons.
This position involves a lot of responsibility, total commitment and the ability to adjust and improve in complete coordination with the Club's guidelines, its philosophy and principles, its tradition, and most of all the owner's vision. The requirements for this position, as well as the benefits, will be detailed during the job interview. Please send a note card with your application and relevant information to Alma Fushikizoh.

Do you follow the best voices in SL? And do they Jazz?

Birdland lives through the voice and music of its performing artists, finding that talent requires love for music, good taste and ear, and the ability to roam SL in search of the next great crooner or musician.
The Bird is all about Jazz, even if great talent brings about exceptions, so we are always looking for that Jazz/Blues/Swing feeling in our artists. If you think you can spot these qualities in a performer, this position may be for you. Requirements and benefits details will be revealed in the interview you will have with us after your application is accepted. Please take the time to write your reasons and motivations, along with relevant information, on a note card and send it to Alma Fushikizoh.

Always in need:

Known as Glamorous Birds, our hostesses and hosts need to be SL savvy, sensible, polite, helpful and social. They are the Bird's image and they carry the responsibility of keeping our standards high and our patrons entertained, happy and wanting to return with friends. They also are responsible for hosting our performing artists and DJ's - names like Kitty Zeddmore, Mavenn, Professor Showbiz, Jackie Lefko, JC Farstrider, Phillip Moura, Goat Ebbage and Alma Fushikizoh. You can become one.

Send a note card to Alma Fushikizoh or Blysse Biondi with relevant information and contact so we can interview you and assess your application. Thank you!

What we offer:
Hostesses/Hosts have access to an individual tip box, custom made.
The house cut on Hostess/Host tips is 10%.
Free formal wear, renewed periodically (accessories not included)

Essential requirements for Hostess/Host:
Minimum 90 days in Second Life
Knowledge of Group Notice and Group Chat use
Skin, Shape and Hair up to 2013 standards
Formal clothes (Gown/Tuxedo)
Available at least 2 hours per day
Age verified
E-mail contact 24/7

Preferred requirements for Hostess/Host:
Jazz lover
Previous experience in this role
Experience as security in SL venues
Experience with SL web Events and Forums posting

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